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Fall 2020—Spanish Language Showcase!

Hello, everyone! This semester, we at New Renaissance are excited to announce our Spanish Language Showcase!

This will be a short (less than one hour) zoom gathering on the 19th of November, where any Spanish-speakers in the Northeastern community, native or not, can present!

This could include things like poetry, monologues, short stories, flash fiction, skits, stand-up, and more, and they can be things these students have written themselves or existing works that speak to them.

“But I don’t speak Spanish well / at all!” You might say. “How convenient,” you would then also say, that we are providing full transcripts in English or Spanish for those that want them, so non-Spanish speakers and the deaf or hard-of-hearing may also enjoy and experience the art of the Spanish language.

The sign-up and transcript request forms can be found in the description of our Facebook Event. RSVP if you’d like to go, we’d love to see you there!

– The New Renaissance Team

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All students should feel empowered.

New Renaissance Theatre Company is centered on producing plays with a focus on representation, especially for students of color. Our goal is to empower young theatre artists in a collaborative and friendly environment. Everyone has a voice. Now it’s time to be heard!