About Us

New Renaissance Theatre Company was founded in December of 2018 by Tarik Jones and Ames Noble. They saw a lack of representation amongst students in the theatre community, and decided to make a change. New Renaissance aims to connect and inspire artists from all backgrounds.

New Renaissance is centered on producing and workshopping plays with a focus on representation for students of color and all minority groups. Our goal is to diversify the theatre community at Northeastern in a collaborative and friendly environment. We hope to bridge different artists and their communities into theatre at Northeastern, regardless of experience level. Everyone has a voice, and that voice should be heard.

Tarik came to Ames with this idea after sharing similar experiences struggling with the perception of and lack of opportunity for students of color in the arts. 

In their first semester, New Renaissance Theatre Company has established an audience of almost 200 after presenting a nearly sold out run of Joker’s Wild, a play written and directed by Ames Noble. This play featured 7 actors, 6 of which were students of color, including 5 women of color and gave many students with limited or no experience in theatre a chance to express themselves through creativity on and behind the stage.

Theatre is the only art form that encompasses all other
art forms. Whether you’re an actor, a singer or musician, a painter, designer, or writer, or anything else, theatre has a place for you. Performance is a way to express who you are and to connect with others.