Spring 2019 Season

by Amos Nasongo
directed by Arielle Greenspan
February 25, 2019
104 Kariotis Hall

Stevie just wants a break, a time to catch their breath, but when they sit down to try some meditation, their mind just won’t settle.

by Dan Casey
directed by Jacob Proctor
March 25, 2019
Center for Intercultural Engagement

Deep in the majesty of Yellowstone, park rangers Tammy and David run an educational table by West Thumb Geyser. Both have plenty of history working on the Thumb- but some days on this job aren’t like any others.

written & directed by Amos Nasongo
April 14 – 16, 2019
Center for Intercultural Engagement

An alternate history, late 1940’s-early 50’s. Post WWII with a jazz age vibe. Set in fictional San Amando, California. Colloquially referred to as “Fortune City,” Nick Wiley is a man with a plan- and a brand new casino. But what happens when his grand opening goes awry? Join the patrons and employees of the Red Joker Casino for a night of chaos and intrigue in Joker’s Wild.